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ammonite-graphite-mold - English Tutorial

The new ammonite-graphit-mold for glass-beadmakers
is out now since a few days 
and I wrote a tutorial to personalize it.

Now in English
with the big help of a new beadmaking friend, 
thank you so much Burkie for this translation!!!

The picture above shows some of the brand new glass-ammonites,
made with the new Ammonite-Graphite-Mold,
you can purchase here:

The mold is different to the heavy and bulky casting mold,
(originally not made for our purpose)
incredible light and handy and the Glass-Ammonite-Tutorial
will be easy to work with.

Because the majority of glassbead-making-people are female
I have added it to other so called “products for women”
(I just love the coffee measuring jug of a  well known company,
producing all kinds of plastic accessories for the kitchen.)
and there is no need  to explain, why women use this kind of deodorant...
But why did i say this...?

For my large hands (… a woman of 6 ft has proportional hands ;)
the handle was a bit to short.
As per Jancsi of 
the orders now have a longer handle with a pre-drilled hole!
(address to order the form is provided at the lower end and above) 

But to work better and easier with my mold now, I´ll have had an selfmade idea.   
at the end this reminded me of those products ;)

Here is the whole story, easy from the beginning...

First, I clamped the graphite mold carefully
(with plastic protectors and additional cartons as cushion)
in a bench-vice.

Added a 3mm drill to the drill-machine and drilled it
free-hand vertically into the handle.

It is important to work step by step, in other words, pulling out
once in a while for cooling, because beechwood is hard and the drillmachine
will be at the end of its power.
(thanks to burkie, i know knew it could be advantageous to use a new wood drill... ;)

Otherwise you will notice, that smoke is developing and it`s starting a burning smell.
But if you do it right, the result will look like this:

Just small scorch marks and the drillmotor is still alive ;)

I had to use two variations directly (without bead-separator) on a
 3mm stainless-steel rod, because at my first try, I  had a bad result.
         (the longer one, in the middle) 
It was close to my limitation
(and the limitation of my burner as well, although he has a nice wide flame)
about 69mm (and triple applicatIon of colored glass: white, Luna2, clear)
was just the limit of it.
Applying the clear glass layer, a crackling noise was audible.
I was just able (thanks to method working along the flame)
to heat everything up, to avoid a breaking desaster.
At the end,  the bead was a bit to thin, in relationship to the length
And I  (not only because of the meteorological conditions) was soaking wet
(I you had experience with hot glass, blasting away from the bead,
 you will know what I am talking about)

Thinking about it, each normal person would have preferred a jump into cold water.

but …
I had in mind to start a second try!
Exchanging the drill with a mini-flex-disk, I cutted the steel rod about 30mm beyond the bead, 
to use the remaining rod for a second bead.
...always use everything as long as possible, I told myself...

I had in mind to make a planet globe.
A whole rod of Effetre white, Luna2 again and a clear glass coating was used.
And anybody having the experince to hold such a massive bead,
will know, that in addition to the wight, radiation heat added as well...
plus my shortended rod…      

In other words, my paws started to glow…
(The flame of the burner, aprox. 1000°C – I dont need to tell you...)
I just started sweating,
but giving up?

Redeeming thought:
I had used a “normal” graphite paddle as "heat-shield", and because there was
one of those Japanese  black handle attached (unfortunately more or less expensive...)
I was able to use the paddle itself as a heat-shield and a support for my (glass-rod-)wrist, 

At the end, I was so happy, as a round "egg-shaped" bead developed
(and beside the color had developed nicely)
that I could "park" the “thing” in the kiln AND to call it a day!!!

This shape was less then the desired ball shape
(altough... it’s a well known fact, that planets are also slightly egg shaped
due to rotation! ...also confirmed by science ;)
but the size of the tool now fit´s for my hand and had a well balanced handling too!

I have a stainless steel winecap (from a Perlentreff collective order)
now topped with a rare “ammonite-mushroom” :)
That would be a nice idea for the end of the ammonite-graphite-handle too,
as it would show, what the tool is able to do !
 "me myself and I" enjoyed now a fine AfterWorkParty...
during a few evenings I´ll had a glass of this wine to regenerate my nerves ;)

I really hope you enjoyed this free tutorial :)
And I would be glad too
if there are a few usable informations
just in case, you want to start similar experiments..... ;)

After reviewing the mold, a german saying came into my mind 
(In comparison to the above mentioned products :)

"Lang und schmal, Frauen Qual, 
klein und dick, Frauen Glück!"
(But this is for girls only... Having no idea? Just go in touch with me ;)

So, girls, IF we are having  the opportunity, 
to produce something special (at our own gusto ;) 
than phantasy and craftsmanship
should be the only limit!


As said above, the new ammonite-graphite-mold 
is availabel here:

By the way…

From each mold sold, 5€ will be donated for the flooding desaster!
It is my desire, to help the flooding victims in my country!
Just a little reminder again:
If you are selling such ammonites, think about the victims in your home country 
and perhaps donate something to them too. 
Thank you!

Here is the link to
This is the donation center, where your donation will support
a specific flooding-help-project.

Maybe- or hopefully a Kindergarden, because the little ones
are having no responsibility for this desaster.
Even if the tv-reports are slowly changing to other daily events,
the cleaning action is not over at all!

Every day, it is “burning” at a different place worldwide,  
placing  worries in our  minds...
Never ever give up ;)

Cheerful regards to all of you!
And thanks to
Maku  and Jancsi.
They brought this idea to reality :)
Now I am wishing you all the best, 

Have fun while making beads!

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